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My career


Golf Playing Professional

I managed to turn Pro with a handicap of +2.8 and played many international tournaments and EPD tour events.


Bachelor of Science in Turfgrass Management & Science

I moved to England to study greenkeeping and to play a lot of great golf courses


Intern Engelmann Turf Care

It was time to apply my knowledge in practice. Greenkeeping on three different golf courses in Germany


Greenkeeper Australian Golfclub

Time to work on a world-class golf course and get the course in shape for the Australian Open 14’ (winner: Jordan Spieth)


Assistant Superintendent in Training

Over the pond to work on another Top course in the world and prepare the course for the US Tour Final at Victoria National GC


Master of Science in Applied Ecology

Back to studying in the Uk! I tried to understand more about how the natural world is connected and develop strategies to reduce pesticide inputs to zero.


Master Thesis

I wrote my thesis in Denmark with a turfgrass seed producer company


Doctor in Turfgrass Ecology

Time to connect all the dots and develop non-chemical management strategies. I played a lot of nice courses and met some of the most skilled greenkeepers in the world. Also, I gave a lot of presentations in the US and Europe and visited many golf courses, which are managed with no pesticide input.


Hahn Golf Agronomy

Diving into the deep end! Agronomy service, applied science, and much more.

My story has just begun.