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My Strategy



To me greenkeeping is a science but because we work in natural environments, we will probably never fully understand all the complex interactions between the biotic world (plants, pathogens, microorganisms etc.) and the abiotic world (weather, soil, fertiliser, etc). However, access to site-specific data, collected in time and space will give the headgreenkeeper a foundation to make informed decisions. My service is based on understanding where the club wants to be in the near future, collecting data over time to assess the current situation and develop a tailored strategy (often restricted by budget) to achieve goals defined by the golf club.


Future proof golf courses need to integrate technology in the data recording and decision-making process. As human beings we have a responsibility to reduce the use of limited natural resources, such as water and mineral fertiliser, as much as we can. Therefore, recording what was used and constantly revaluating how much is really needed is a crucial aspect of my agronomy service. I also believe/ work on developing new technology to objectively measure sward composition/ playing quality and to replace the use of chemical pesticides.


Applied Research

Because of the complex interactions within the natural world, I believe that doing fundamental research in isolated environments has little to no relevance for greenkeepers in practice. Setting up test trials and collecting site-specific meaningful data however will. As my customer base increases and data of different sites becomes available, I can look for recurring patterns and will be able to develop better guidelines how to fertilise, irrigate and when to carry out certain cultural practices. My focus on integrating technology is also an opportunity for companies to have their new products tested in the field. However, I have no interest to test new chemical pesticide products as I believe that access to these products will be somewhat limited in the future.


In partnership with a landscaping company, I started to offer drainage installations, construction of cart paths, fairway renovation and much more. Many golf courses don’t have the capacity to do these works in house and I am here to help. I'm happy to develop strategies and solutions for renovationary projects tailored to your budget. I also work with world class golf architects for reshaping and reconstruction of all playing surfaces.